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6th Grade Math/Science

Daily Schedule
Period  Class
1 Math 6
2 Science 6
3 Honors Math 6
Honors Science 6
5 Math 6
6 Conference


Ms. Macias

Students in the 6th grade will  focus on active engagement with numbers by focusing on conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills, and problem solving. The 6th grade standards require students to study the following areas: 

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

The Number System
Expressions & Equations Statistics and Probability


The sixth grade focus in Science is on Earth science.  During this school year, sixth graders learn about the structure of the Earth, plate tectonics, continental drift, catastrophic events, energy on Earth, through populations and ecosystems.  Additionally, sixth graders will study Health, with the focus on the structure and systems of the body and personal growth.The 6th grade standards require students to study the following areas:

Science & Engineering Systems in Organisms and Earth
The Flow of Energy in Systems Weather & Climate

Environmental & Genetic

Influence on Organisms

Human Impacts on the 



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