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Special Education Parent Training

Parent Workshops - Fall 2020

Important documents

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Services

Individualized Education Program (IEP) and You

The ITP and You

Special Education

It is our goal at Marina Del Rey Middle School to ensure that the Special Education Students achieve at the highest level possible and meet their full potential. With teamwork, any student can be successful. Our team includes the General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher, the student, and the parent. 

Teachers understand that students with learning disabilities need a variety of accommodations and they teach with differentiated instruction to meet the needs of the students, according to their IEP.

Special Education students that are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are on a continuum of services, based on their specific needs as documented in their IEPs.

For more information, see the LAUSD Division of Special Education or contact the staff members below.


Special education programs

Resource Program (General Education Core Curriculum)

Resource Teachers provide academic support within the general education classes (Math and/or English). The Learning Center elective provides additional support should the student require it. 

Special Day Program (General Education Core Curriculum)

These smaller sized classes have a special education teacher and an assistant in the room. The pace of the curriculum is geared to the level of the students. Typically, students have four special education academic classes along with a general education elective and P.E.

Multiple Disabilities - Orthopedic

Focus is on functional academic, daily living and social skills. The setting is a self-contained classroom. One Elective is in the general Education setting. Adapted Physical Education in lieu of General Education P.E. 

Adapted Physical Education

Adapted physical education is a diversified program of developmental gross motor activities, games, sports, and rhythms suited to the interests, capacities and limitations of students with disabilities who may not safely and/or successfully engage in unrestricted participation in the vigorous activities of the general physical education program, modified general physical education program or in a specially designed physical education program in a special day program. 

Special Education 1
Special Education 2
Special Education 3